Are airport taxis the most expensive way to make your flight?

Whether you’re off on a business trip or a well-earned break abroad, you’ll need to get yourself to the airport. This part of the travel preparations can often be left until the last minute. But it’s an important aspect to sort out – then you can focus on the other aspects of planning your journey.

Your immediate thought might be to look at train times and prices, or to compare airport parking rates. But could either option prove a false economy? Read on to learn more about why, often, travelling by taxi is more cost-effective than you may have realised.

Here’s why:


Ideal for families and other groups

Clearly, if a number of you are flying together, either as a family or a group of colleagues, if you use public transport or take cars, you all pay separate fares or for petrol or parking individually. But the cost of a taxi to airport can be shared between you if there are several of you, making the journey cheaper.

It’s worth remembering that train fares can be expensive at peak times, especially if you’re travelling in and out of London. Equally, specialist trains such as the Heathrow Express can be particularly pricey.

You’ll also need a contingency plan if you land after trains and buses have stopped running, or an alternative if your check-in is at an unsociable hour. What happens if you have a flight delay and miss the last bus or train? You may be fine spending a few hours on an airport bench as a young solo traveller but not with children or an elderly relative in tow.

Look at the true cost of airport parking

According to one survey reported by consumer group Which?, airport parking prices have spiked by 25% since 2019, regardless of when you book. It’s true that you can sometimes secure a good deal by booking ahead and comparing charges. But if you leave it until the day you fly, the cost of parking could be up to four times the standard rate. What’s more, prices may not include any additional shuttles you have to catch to the terminal, booking fees or cancellations (for which your insurance may not cover you). And they certainly won’t include petrol.

Bear in mind, too, that even if someone is kind enough to give you a lift, they could be stung by a pricey drop-off zone if they’re not careful.

Another possible issue is the frequency or otherwise of shuttle buses between car parks and the terminal. You’ll need to be sure these run through the night if you’re flying early or landing late, or in case of a delay.

As Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert, says: “Even when done properly, low-cost airport parking options can be hard to find. The longer you’re away, the more it costs. So weigh up the alternatives.”

Reliable and secure?

Public transport may seem the cheaper option compared to the airport taxi cost. But is it the most reliable one? If there is a strike, delay or some other disruption, you could end up missing your flight and paying for new air tickets. The same is true of road hold-ups. Most budget airlines won’t look sympathetically on claims for a refund if you miss check-in.

When looking at the Gatwick airport taxi cost, factor in the driver’s expert local knowledge. They’ll have planned the route ahead to avoid traffic snarl-ups or road closures, and know the best route to take so that you make your flight.

Finally, there have been reports of vehicles left in ‘safe and secure’ airport parking lots which have been anything but. While incidents of crime (or the vehicle being taken altogether) are isolated, you may not be covered by your insurance if it happens to you. In the worst-case scenario, you could end up paying thousands for airport parking.


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