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Group Taxi Booking

Whether you’re a group of relatives, colleagues or friends, if you’re off to a meeting, holiday, big night out or family gathering, you’ll need to consider transport if several of you are going together.


Here are several reasons why you could find a Group Taxi Service to be the best option:

  • It’s cheaper, given that you pay just one fare, no matter how many of you there are. Clearly, with public transport everyone has to buy a ticket separately, rather than just having a single fare you can split between you.
  • At some times of day or night, public transport may not be available or convenient where you want to go, at the time of your journeys. With a group taxi booking, you eliminate the issue of having to wait for last trains or buses.
  • A large group taxi also means you can travel in comfort and privacy and enjoy a social catch-up ahead of a party or use the ride to prepare for a meeting. Travelling in heels or smart clothes isn’t always ideal on public transport, either, but, again, a group taxi does away with this problem.
  • Everyone can enjoy a drink or two – there’s no need to designate a driver to get you back home safely.
  • There’s great safety with a taxi, since everyone can be picked up on the way to your venue and dropped off again on the way back. No one has to hang around and there’s no need to coordinate separate departure or arrival times.


Need a Large Taxi to Gatwick?

A large group taxi is perfect for if several of you have to travel from Horsham to Gatwick or another UK airport. After all, clearly there are particular time pressures when you, your luggage and possibly any children or older or less mobile people you’re going away with, have to make a flight. Equally, once you’re back home and need to get back from Gatwick to Horsham, you’re likely to be tired from travelling, have baggage with you and not be keen to hang around waiting for a coach or train (if indeed, public transport is an option at the time you land or take off).

And as well as being comfortable and convenient, a large taxi to Gatwick airport can work out to be very cost-effective, again because there is just one fare to share between you, and not multiple tickets to buy. Airport parking can also be expensive.

A taxi from Horsham to Gatwick means that once it’s booked, you no longer have to worry about travel arrangements, and can look forward to a hassle-free start to your holiday or business trip.


Western Cars offers Groups Taxi Bookings in Horsham

Whether you need 6 seater taxi to Gatwick Airport or a group taxi for anything else, we at Western Cars can help. The fleet includes MPVs and minibuses, so you’ll have a stylish and comfortable ride however many of you there are and whatever the reason for your trip.

Make your group taxi booking online, or call us on 01403 610610.

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